Only news version - Light and colours. For the International Year of Light, IYL2015. This is the theme of the second China Science Festival and Youth Science Education Expo 2015, Beijing’s science festival. This year Italy is the guest of honour, and the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) – INFN – is also taking part. For the event, held at the Beijing Exhibition Center from July 17 to August 2, INFN has set up two interactive installations in its exhibition space. One of the installations is dedicated to particle accelerators and the other to the Higgs boson. Here, the young Chinese audience, on whom the festival is focused, can have fun while becoming acquainted with some fundamental concepts of physics. Besides the installations, posters and videos tell young people about the world of elementary particles and their interactions, as well as the work of physics researchers.

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