The prestigious prizes of the High Energy Particle Physics Board (HEPP) of the European Physical Society (EPS) have been awarded and three Italians have received the important international recognition. Guido Altarelli, from the University of Roma Tre, and Giorgio Parisi, from La Sapienza University, both INFN associate professors, won the High Energy and Particle Physics Prize “for having developed the scheme of a probabilistic field theory for the dynamics of quarks and gluons, enabling a quantitative understanding of high-energy collisions between hadrons”. Giovanni Petrucciani, who has worked for a long time at the INFN in Pisa, won the Young Experimental Physicists Prize “for his outstanding contributions to the optimisation of the tracer in the CMS detector at the LHC, to the discovery of the Higgs boson and to the measurement of its properties”. All three prizes, therefore, were awarded for work that has provided a valuable contribution to the LHC project and its experiments.

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