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Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
National Institute for Nuclear Physics

The INFN submits proposals and receives funding for regional and local research projects through its divisions and national laboratories. The following projects are currently underway:

• TURIN division - project: Neu_ART

• PISA division - project: Seismic Isolators for Advanced Virgo (ISAV)

• GENOA division - project: Magnetic Iron Detector2

• FLORENCE division – project: TemArt – Advanced techniques for material knowledge and preservation of historical and artistic heritage

• Gran Sasso National Laboratory–Special Project “Gran Sasso In Rete”

• Gran Sasso National Laboratory- Special Project “La società della conoscenza in Abruzzo”

• Southern National Laboratory – Biomedical applications of proton beams

This is not a complete list of the projects in question. For further details, reference should be made to this section of the 2012-2015 three-year plan.

more information http://www.infn.it/fondiesterni/