gustouniversoAn original show of physics and cooking with Neri Marcorè, actor, Fernando Ferroni, INFN President, and Moreno Cedroni, Michelin two-star chef A semi-serious show based on culinary inventions to talk about physics and the Universe with the Michelin-starred chef Moreno Cedroni and Fernando Ferroni, President of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics. Acting as a novel host of the evening, Neri Marcorè, one of the most versatile personalities in Italian show business. The evening, which includes the live preparation of a number of original culinary creations inspired by the fascination of the most recent discoveries in physics and a discussion on the mysteries of the universe, will be held Wednesday, 27 May at 9.00 pm at the MUSE - Science Museum in Trento. How does cosmic microwave radiation work? What is the Higgs field? How can physicists "see" it and prove that it actually exists? It is the latest collateral event of the "Beyond the limit. Journey to the boundaries of knowledge” exhibition (open until 2 June) promoted by MUSE and the National Institute for Nuclear Physics, with the participation of the Italian Space Agency and with the collaboration of the University of Trento and the Bruno Kessler Foundation; it is a project that starts by exploring a number of culinary inventions to talk about physics and the Universe. Three exceptional personalities as stars of the evening, only seemingly distant from each other, narrating a "cosmic story" in three parts. With images of accelerator tunnels and giant detectors, glimpses of the galaxies, music and bold parallels with the culinary world, in "The taste of the Universe" show, specifically conceived for the MUSE Science Museum, the narration of Neri Marcorè will create a dialogue with a very well-loved chef and a physicist and cooking enthusiast. Moreno Cedroni, Michelin two-star chef, will present - preparing live - some of his original creations inspired by the fascination of the most recent discoveries in physics. During the evening it will therefore be possible to taste the dark matter mousse or the Higgs boson zest. But if the palate is not enough to enjoy the physicists' ideas, INFN President Fernando Ferroni will be telling the audience what we know and how much we still do not know about our universe. An unusual combination, designed to "play" with the culinary interpretations of physics and to try to explain why physicists are always also somewhat cooks. The protagonists Neri Marcorè is one of the most versatile personalities in Italian show business. He has acted in cinema with directors such as Enrico Oldoini, Carlo Virzì, Davide Ferrario, Sergio Rubini; he was nominated for the David di Donatello award for his performance in the Pupi Avati films "A Heart Elsewhere" and "The Second Wedding Night". On television, he has starred in numerous successful fictions. He has conducted the TV game show for youngsters "Per un pugno di libri" and worked alongside Corrado Guzzanti, Sabina Guzzanti, the Gialappas and Serena Dandini.

Fernando Ferroni, experimental physicist, Professor at La Sapienza University and President of INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics. He has worked at the SLAC laboratory in Stanford, USA and at CERN in Geneva. His current research interests focus primarily on neutrino physics in experiments at the INFN National Laboratories of Gran Sasso.

Moreno Cedroni is a Michelin two-star chef. His restaurant, La Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia, was named by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top ten European fish restaurants in 2011. He has received many awards and recognitions, including the Veronelli Sun, the Gambero Rosso Three Forks and the Swedish Kungsfenan Seafood Award.