Eugenio Coccia 2On 8 August last, the Rector of the new Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI) Graduate School was elected. He is Eugenio Coccia, former director of the Gran Sasso National Laboratory, from 2003
o 2009, and of GSSI in the experimental three years of the institute, established in L'Aquila in 2013 by INFN. An experimental physicist, Full Professor at the Tor Vergata University in Rome, Coccia is known for
his work in astroparticle physics and, in particular, in the search for gravitational waves. He is one of the protagonists of their recent discovery and of the first direct observations of black holes. The new Rector was elected by the Provisional Academic Senate of GSSI and will begin his term after the appointment
decree of the Minister of Education, University and Research, Stefania Giannini.

[source: GSSI press office]