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A favourable opportunity for the recruitment system and an important message, for young researchers in Italy and abroad, that
the world of national research is re-opening to new resources. This is represented by the over seventy research positions announced by the INFN, on the basis of what is provided for in the 2016 Stability Budget law signed by decree by the Minister of Education, University and Research (MIUR), Stefania Giannini. There will be exactly 73 positions, theoretical or experimental, which will be dealing with basic and applied research: from the LHC to neutrinos, from dark matter to applications in medicine, from computing to technologies for cultural heritage.
The Decree provides for a total of 215 research positions in Public Research Institutes supervised by MIUR, one third of which is reserved for INFN, with a special funding total of 8 million euro for 2016 and 9.5 million for 2017.
The funds allocated for the permanent contract employment of researchers shall be invested primarily for the entry of young scientist with a high scientific profile and recruitment procedures will terminate by 31st December 2016.