giunta usOn 3rd and 4thOctober, the bilateral meeting for scientific cooperation between INFN, represented by the President, Fernando Ferroni, and by the Executive Committee, the Department Of Energy (DOE) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) was held in Washington. The meeting provided the opportunity to discuss in detail and in an informal manner research activities involving the collaboration between Italian and US physicists. In this edition, the topics addressed were: neutrino physics at Fermilab and, in particular, the Icarus project, coordinated by Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia; the collaboration between Virgo and LIGO in the study of gravitational waves and the future prospects with surface, underground and space detectors; the experiments based at the INFN Gran Sasso National Laboratory (LNGS) with US participation, in particular for the search for dark matter and for neutrinoless double beta decay; LHC and computing; research in the nuclear physics field and, in particular, the collaboration with the Jefferson Laboratory.