PRIN 2015 Four projects in which INFN is partner have won PRIN (Projects of Relevant National Interest) 2015 calls. Three are in the physics field. The "Non-perturbative Aspects of Gauge Theories And Strings" project. A theoretical physics project which has the objective of developing and applying non-perturbative methods in field and string theory. The development of an advanced atomic interferometer as a quantum sensor for gravitational physics experiments is the theme of the project entitled "Advanced atomic interferometer for experiments on gravity and quantum physics and applications in geophysics". Finding an answer to the questions that are still open after the discovery of the Higgs boson, is the purpose of the "Search for the Fundamental Laws and Constituents" project. An attempt to go beyond the so-called Standard Model of elementary particles, the backbone governing our current knowledge of the physical universe. The fourth project concerns the life sciences. Entitled "Preclinical tool for advanced translational research with ultrashort and ultraintense X-ray pulses", its
purpose is to provide a new source of X-rays for in vivo imaging studies and radiotherapy