INFN-ENERGY strategic project

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The aim of the INFN-ENERGY research project is to develop skills and instruments in the use of nuclear physics in the energy sector. The issues addressed under this strategic project include: decommissioning and waste treatment, control of radioactive materials, research and development of new nuclear fission technology, environmental monitoring and training. In this area of research, collaborations are essential, both with industries in the sector (in particular, Ansaldo Nucleare and SOGIN) and with other national and international organisations involved in specific activities in the sector (e.g. ENEA, CNR, polytechnics, Euratom). The INFN-ENERGY project consists of five specific lines of research: • TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFER • ADS, FAST REACTORS, BURNING AND TRANSMUTATION OF WASTE • TECHNIQUES FOR THE PRODUCTION AND MONITORING OF FAST NEUTRONS • REACTOR PHYSICS • NUCLEAR FUSION