Regional and local projects

The INFN submits proposals and receives funding for regional and local research projects through its divisions and national laboratories. The following projects are currently underway:

• TURIN division - project: Neu_ART

• PISA division - project: Seismic Isolators for Advanced Virgo (ISAV)

• GENOA division - project: Magnetic Iron Detector2

• FLORENCE division – project: TemArt – Advanced techniques for material knowledge and preservation of historical and artistic heritage

• Gran Sasso National Laboratory–Special Project “Gran Sasso In Rete”

• Gran Sasso National Laboratory- Special Project “La società della conoscenza in Abruzzo”

• Southern National Laboratory – Biomedical applications of proton beams

This is not a complete list of the projects in question. For further details, reference should be made to this section of the 2012-2015 three-year plan.

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