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ICSC-National Centre for HPC, Big Data and Quantum Computing

The National Research Centre in High Performance Computing, Big Data and Quantum Computing, founded and managed by the ICSC Foundation, is one of the National Centres established by the PNRR. The Centre performs research and development activities, at national and international level, for innovation in the field of simulations, computing and high-performance data analysis. The supercomputing activities of the National Centre will be focused, on one side, on maintaining and strengthening the Italian HPC and Big Data infrastructure and, on the other, on developing advanced numerical methods and applications, along with software tools, to integrate the data computing, simulation, collection and analysis of interest to the research system and the production and social system, also through cloud and distributed approaches. It will involve and promote the best interdisciplinary skills of the sciences and of engineering, encouraging substantial and sustainable innovations in fields ranging from basic research to computational and experimental sciences for the climate, the environment, space, from the study of matter and life to medicine, from materials technologies to information systems and devices. INFN is the proponent of the Centre, leader of Spoke 2 “Fundamental Research & Space Economy” and co-leader of Spoke 0 “Supercomputing Cloud Infrastructure” and Spoke 3 “Astrophysics & Cosmos ObservationS”.

ICSC boasts 52 participants, including public bodies, private institutions and companies.

Website - https://www.supercomputing-icsc.it/

INFN contact person:  Antonio Zoccoli

Leader: Fondazione ICSC

Total investment: 319.938.979,26

INFN Investment: 56.550.130 €

INFN role: Member of ICSC(Hub), Co-Leader of Spoke 0, Spoke 3, Leader Spoke 2, Affiliated to Spoke 8, Spoke and 10

INFN sites involved: division of Bari, Bologna, Catania, Genova, Milano, Napoli, Padova, Perugia, Pisa, CNAF, Gran Sasso National Laboratory, Frascati National Laboratory, Legnaro National Laboratory

Participants: https://www.supercomputing-icsc.it/partecipanti/

Timeline: 01/09/2022 -31/08/2025


 CTA+ - Cerenkov Telescope Array Plus

The CTA+ project, led by INAF, will provide a unique opportunity for the Italian and international community to increase significantly the scientific and technological returns associated with the Cherenkov Telescope Array, the next generation ground-based observatory for gamma-ray astronomy at very-high energies, with southern site in Chile and northern site on the island of La Palma, in the Canary Islands.

INFN plays an important role in the construction of the two Large-Sized Telescopes (LST), which will be located at the centre of the southern hemisphere to cover sensitivity to the lowest energies, between 20 and 150 GeV, and, in particular, will construct the photosensor chambers with a total field of vision of approximately 4.3 degrees. INFN is currently already working on the LST at the northern site in the Canaries. Additional R&D activities will be performed as the "CTA spin-off", under the responsibility of INFN, including the development of high-performance photodetectors. Furthermore, for the scientists involved, training activities on scientific dissemination and communication will be organised.

INFN contact person: Carla Aramo (Naples Section)

Leader: INAF

Positions advertised by INFN: 7 (4 technicians and 3 technologists)

Total investment: 71.477.540.83 €

INFN investment: 12.675.343.57

INFN role: Co-proponent

INFN sites involved: division of Bari, Catania, Naples, Padua and Pisa

Participating institutions: INAF, INFN, Alma Mater Studiorum-University of Bologna, University of Bari, Bari Polytechnic, University of Palermo

Timeline: 01/01/2023  - 01/07/2025

 EBRAINS-Italy – European Brain Research Infrastructures-Italy

Led by CNR, EBRAINS-Italy contributes to the European neuroscience research infrastructure EBRAINS-EU (https://ebrains.eu). The aim of EBRAINS is to facilitate our understanding of the mechanisms in action in the human brain. Suitable therapies can then be developed, along with “brain-inspired” technologies: artificial intelligence, robotics and neuromorphic computing. EBRAINS provides digital tools and services to address the research challenges in these sectors. This infrastructure consolidates the research activities performed by the Human Brain Project, a ten-year research project involving over 120 institutions, including INFN. In particular, EBRAINS studies the mechanisms and functions of the different cerebral states (wakefulness, quiescent sleep (NREM), dreaming (REM) and anaesthesia, developing activity simulations of the thalamocortical system and analysis pipelines for comparing the experimental data and simulations. In the EBRAINS-Italy project, INFN will provide software tools and pipelines for analysing and comparing experimental and simulated brain activity. In particular, with regard to propagation and rhythms of spontaneous or evoked waves, acquired with different experimental methodologies or generated by models, to support the identification in the latter of the optimal parameter configurations.

INFN contact person: Pier Stanislao Paolucci (Rome Section)

Leader: CNR

Positions advertised by INFN: 2 technologists 

Total investment: 22.370.240 €

INFN investment: 14.935.838 €

INFN role: Co-proponent

INFN sites involved: Rome division

Participating institutions: INFN, ISS, Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino, SISSA International School for Advanced Studies, SNS Scuola Normale Superiore, SSSA Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Sapienza University of Rome, University of Florence, University of Milan, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Federico II University of Naples, University of Padua, University of Pavia, University of Sassari, Sapienza University of Rome

Timeline 1/11/2022 - 01/05/2025

 ITINERIS – Italian Integrated Environmental Research Infrastructures System

Led by CNR, ITINERIS will constitute the first research infrastructure hub focused on the environment for the study and observation of atmospheric processes, the marine environment, the terrestrial biosphere, and the geosphere, supporting access to data and services and assisting Italy in tackling the present and future climate challenges. The main aim is to develop multidisciplinary research in the environmental sciences on some crucial issues, such as the sustainable use of environmental resources, the development of nature-centred solutions, the reduction of atmospheric pollution, the management of critical areas and ecosystems, and the mitigation of climate changes. Website: https://www.itineris.cnr.it/

INFN contact person: Giorgio Maria Riccobene (National Laboratories of the South)

Leader: CNR

Positions advertised by INFN: 5 technologists

Total investment: 155,208,809.00

INFN investment: 5,071,697.28

INFN role: Co-proponent

INFN sites involved: division of of Bari, Genoa, Florence, National Laboratory of the South

Institutions involved: CNR, INGV, ISPRA, INFN, INOGS, University of Florence, University Ca’ Foscari of Venice

Timeline: 11/11/2022 - 1/5/2025


SAMOTHRACE Innovation Ecosystem of the Sicily Region

The main aim is to strengthen Sicily's already consolidated experience in the field of microelectronics and micro- and nanotechnologies to expand the impact of the sector on the industrial scenario of the island and on society. The set of activities actually develops around the common thread of micro- and nanotechnologies, microelectronics, materials, microsystems and devices, combining methodologies and applications and directing them towards six main areas: energy, health, smart mobility, environment, cultural heritage and smart agriculture.

INFN contact person: Salvatore Tudisco

Leader: University of Catania

Positions advertised by INFN: 5 technologists

Total investment: 119.000.000,00

INFN investment: 6. 631.035,90

INFN role: member of the Hub, Leader Spoke 5

INFN sites involved: Catania

Timeline: 01/09/2022  - 31/08/2025

ECOSISTER Territorial Innovation Ecosystem of Emilia-Romagna

The project aims to support the ecological transition of the regional economic and social system of Emilia-Romagna through a process involving all sectors, technologies and competences on a cross-sectional basis, combining digital transition and sustainability with work and people's well-being and environmental protection, in coherence with the aims of the Pact for Work and for the Climate, and integrating with regional, national and European programmes.

Spoke 6, in which INFN is involved, deals with ecological transition based upon HPC & data technology. The role of CINECA and INFN is to encourage the use of the resources of the ICSC National Centre and in particular the resources present at the Bologna Technopole, by the collaboration.

INFN contact person: Claudio Grandi (Bologna Section)

Leader: University of Bologna

Positions advertised by INFN: 1 technologist

Total investment: 110.000.000,00

INFN investment: 477.291,00

INFN role: Membro fondazione (Hub), Affiliated to Spoke 6

INFN sites involved: CNAF

Timeline: 01/09/2022 - 31/08/2025

Website: https://ecosister.it/

 RAISE – Robotics and AI for Socio-economic Empowerment Innovation Ecosystem of the Liguria Region

RAISE was designed to consolidate innovation with high technological vocation between the major supply chains of the Ligurian economy and involves a budget of 144 million euros using the resources allocated for the PNRR. The RAISE ecosystem will constitute a sort of "engine" that will fuel new industrial and production processes through robotics and artificial intelligence, being applied specifically in the domains of logistics and port facilities, sustainable cities and territories, health and the environment. The project aims to play a lead role in the outlined area of specialisation (Robotics and AI) nationally and internationally through the competences already present and consolidated in the Liguria area. INFN is present as an affiliate of Spoke 4 in WP2 - port protection and cybersecurity for the development of innovative methods for controlling the illegal trafficking of special nuclear materials as part of maritime transport.

INFN contact person: Mauro Tauiti (Genoa Section)

Leader: University of Genoa

Positions advertised by INFN: 1 technician

Total investment: 109.949.673,33

INFN investment: 427.960,00

INFN role: Affiliated to Spoke 4

INFN sites involved: division of  Genova

Timeline 01/09/2022- 31/08/2025

 ROME TECHNOPOLE Innovation Ecosystem of the Lazio Region      

The project aims to create a network for strengthening the integration between universities (Sapienza, Tor Vergata, Roma Tre, Tuscia, Cassino, LUISS, Campus Biomedico), research institutes (CNR, ENEA, INFN, ISS), enterprises (ENI, Leonardo, Thales and others) and regional institutions for vocational training, industrial research, innovation and technological transfer. New training programmes will be developed to meet the needs, in industrial terms, of highly qualified personnel and permanent models of collaboration between research and enterprise will be implemented, creating a pole of attraction for the innovation chain. In the project, INFN has the task of strengthening the open research infrastructures already present in the structure of the National Laboratories of Frascati, as well as extending the outreach activities on topics of energy transition, digital transition, biopharma and health. The project will be funded with a contribution of 110 million.

Contact person: Stefano Pioli

Leader: Sapienza University of Rome

Positions advertised by INFN: 5 technologists

Total investment: 120.000,000

INFN investment: 2.885.369,65

INFN role: member of the Hub,  Affiliated to  Spoke 5 e 6

INFN sites involved: Frascati National Laboratory,

Timeline: 01/07/2022- 30/06/2025

 THE – TUSCANY HEALTH ECOSYSTEM Innovation Ecosystem of the Tuscany Region

The Tuscan project is, among the 11 innovation ecosystems funded at national level as part of the PNRR, the only one dedicated to life sciences. The planned funding amounts to 110 million euros, assigned by the Ministry of University and Research, in reference to Mission 4 (Education and Research) of the PNRR, particularly component 2 “From Research to Business”. THE arises from a design proposal presented by the University of Florence, in the capacity of leader, in coherence with one of the strategic lines of the Tuscany Region relating to life sciences. INFN participates in the capacity of affiliate in Spoke 1 Advanced radiotherapies and diagnostics in oncology, coordinated by CNR.

INFN contact person: Alessandra Retico (Pisa Section)

Leader: University of Florence

Positions advertised by INFN: 1 technologist

Total investment: 110.000.000

INFN investment: 539.250,00

INFN role: Member of the Hub, Affiliated to Spoke 1

INFN sites involved: division of Pisa

Timeline 01/12/2022  - 30/06/2025


FAIR – Future Artificial Intelligence Research

The Project focuses on research in the field of artificial intelligence and on the development of methodologies and techniques in the field of AI to deal with future challenges such as the design of systems capable of interacting and collaborating with humans, acting in evolving contexts, able to be aware of their limits and to adapt to new situations and to interact in complex systems.

INFN contact person: Tommaso Boccali

Leader: CNR

Positions advertised by INFN: 5 technologists

Total investment: 114.493.643,75

INFN investment: 1.632.014,79

INFN role: Member of the Hub, Affliated to Spoke 6, Spoke 8, Spoke 10

INFN sites involved: division of Bari, Genova, Roma1, Napoli, Pisa

Timeline 01/01/2023-31/12/2025

 NQSTI – National Quantum Science and Technology Institute

The project refers to the creation of a consortium hub dedicated to research in the field of Quantum Science and Technology. In particular, NQSTI focuses on research and development at experimental "proof of concept" level in the laboratory, in the field of sciences, quantum technologies for radically innovative applications in sensing, in secure communication and in the processing of quantum information and in simulation. These will be accompanied by the necessary developments of concepts, innovative materials and cutting-edge devices, from photonic to solid-state ones. The medium to long-term aim (beyond the conclusion of the PNRR) is to establish a national consortium gathering together all institutions active in quantum science and technology, guaranteeing competitiveness and the stable and long-term presence of the country in this important scientific-technological sector. INFN participates actively in the activities of Spoke 3 Atomic and molecular platforms for quantum technologies, Spoke 4 Photonic platform for quantum technologies, Spoke 6 Integration of platforms, Spoke 8 Technology Transfer and Spoke 9 Education and outreach.

INFN contact person: Valter Bonvicini (Trieste Section)

Leader: University of Camerino (proponent)

Positions advertised by INFN: 7 technologists and 3 technicians

Total investment: 117.000.000,00

INFN investment: 6.416.929

INFN role: Affiliated to Spoke 3, spoke 4, spoke 6, Spoke 8, spoke 9

INFN sites involved: division of Catania, Genova, Padova, Pisa, Roma Tor Vergata, Pavia, Torino, Legnaro National Laboratory, Frascati National Laboratory, National Laboratory of the South

Timeline 01/12/2022 -30/11/2025

website: https://nqsti.it


ANTHEM (AdvaNced Technologies for Human-centrEd Medicine)

As part of the Plan of Complementary Investments of the PNRR concerning “Research initiatives for technologies and innovative trajectories in the health and care sectors”, INFN was the winner, in the capacity of affiliate, of the ANTHEM (AdvaNced Technologies for Human-centrEd Medicine) project led by the University of Milan Bicocca. The budget for INFN is 12.5 million euros out of a total of 123 million euros. ANTHEM was established as a Foundation on 9 November 2022 and currently boasts 23 partners. ANTHEM is a multidisciplinary project aimed at bridging the existing gap in the healthcare of frail and chronic patients within specific territories and communities for pathologies without specific therapies. ANTHEM will develop sensors, diagnostic and monitoring systems and innovative technologies, integrated with the most recent methodologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence. INFN’s activity will be focused on Spoke 4 (“Preclinical and clinical breakthrough theranostics and treatments for cancer”), the leader of which is the University of Catania. On one side, in collaboration with the Vanvitelli University, a Research and Clinical Centre will be established in Caserta for the study and application of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT), an innovative radiotherapy which tackles the challenges posed by infiltrating, radioresistant or metastatic tumours. This will be possible thanks to the high technology of the RFQ accelerator designed at the National Laboratories of Legnaro and to the expertise developed in this field (radiobiology, measurement and treatment systems) over the last twenty years by the various sites of the Institution. On the other side, benefiting from a health ecosystem already active in the Sicily Region (University of Catania – also with its CAPIR service centre), Azienda Ospedaliera Cannizzaro, IOM, National Laboratories of the South and Catania Section), studies will be developed on FLASH and ULTRA-FLASH techniques with electrons and photons which are becoming increasingly promising for improving the effectiveness of treatments and the quality of life of patients.

INFN contact person: Valerio Vercesi

Leader: University of Milano Bicocca

Total investment: 123.477.500,47

INFN investment: 12.413.397,3

INFN role: Member of the Hub, Affiliated to  Spoke 4

INFN sites involved: division of Pavia, Catania, Napoli, Legnaro National Laboratory, National Laboratory of the South

Timeline:   01/12/2022-30/11/2026

DARE (DigitAl lifelong pRevEntion)

 The ambitious objective of DARE is to create and develop, through research, innovation and participation of many stakeholders, a community of connected and distributed knowledge which produces, collects and organises multidisciplinary knowledge and solutions (technical, ethical-legal and organisational) necessary to support Italy’s leadership in the field of digital prevention.

In particular, the DARE initiative will work to improve the instruments and knowledge that allow us to exploit the enormous potential of data for defining, monitoring and forecasting health prevention and promotion pathways.

This result can be achieved through health data, namely information, covering both paper and digital documents, referring directly to the state of health and well-being of individuals or to the health services received by individuals, collected from health operators or from patients themselves. Furthermore, and to a growing extent, it can also be achieved by using health-related data (also known as citizen-generated data), namely data that are not immediately correlated to an individual’s health and well-being but that may be used to support health decisions, such as socio-demographic data, telecommunications data and meteorological data.

INFN contact person: Davide Salomoni

Leader: University of Bologna

Total investment: 124.000.000,00

INFN investment: 3.500.000,00

INFN role: Member of the  Hub, Affiliated to  Spoke 1

INFN sites involved: division of Bari and CNAF

Timeline:  01/12/2022 -31/11/2026