Presentation of the INFN-PNRR projects

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INFN participates with different roles, both in the capacity of proponent and leader and in that of partner, in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), with projects funded within Component 2 “From Research to Business” of Mission 4 “Education and Research”.

The projects in which INFN is involved concern National Centres (NC), Research Infrastructures (RI), Innovation Ecosystems (IE) and Extended Partnerships (EP). Overall, 198 new positions are advertised by the institute to recruit personnel with professional profiles as technicians and technologists, over 40% of which will be placed in Southern Italy.

National Centres

The PNRR envisages the creation of 5 national centres dedicated to research and development activities in areas identified as strategic for the country’s development: simulations, computing and high-performance data analysis; technologies for agriculture (Agritech); development of gene therapy and drugs with RNA technology; sustainable mobility; and biodiversity. INFN has proposed the National Research Centre in High Performance Computing, Big Data and Quantum Computing, managed by the ICSC Foundation, with its main headquarters at the Bologna technopole.

Research Infrastructures (RI)

The PNRR establishes a fund for the construction of an integrated system of research and innovation infrastructures to support the creation or strengthening of pan-European research infrastructures and dedicated innovation infrastructures, promoting the combination of public and private investments.

INFN is the leader of 6 research infrastructure projects and is the partner in 3 projects led by other research bodies.

RI of which INFN is the leader

ETICEinstein Telescope Infrastructure Consortium        

EU-APSEupraxia Advanced Photon Sources                            

IRISInnovative Research Infrastructure on applied Superconductivity  

KM3Net4RRKM3 Neutrino Telescope for Recovery and Resilience     

LNGS-FUTURELNGS Facilities Upgrade To Unveil Rare Events         

TERABITTerabit Network for Research and Academic Big data in Italy

Research Infrastructures of which INFN is a partner

CTA+ - Cerenkov Telescope Array Plus - leader INAF

EBRAINS-ItalyEuropean Brain Research Infrastructures-Italy - leader CNR

ITINERIS Italian Integrated Environmental Research Infrastructures System - leader CNR

Innovation Ecosystems

Innovation Ecosystems are "territorial leaders of research and innovation", networks of state and non-state universities, public research bodies, local public bodies, and other highly qualified and internationally renowned public and private entities. They intervene in areas of technological specification coherent with the industrial and research vocations of the local area, promoting and enhancing collaboration between the research system, the production system and local institutions.

INFN is the partner of the following innovation ecosystems:


ECOSISTER - Emilia Romagna

RAISE – Liguria                     

ROME TECHNOPOLE – Lazio                                            


The PNRR funds a maximum of 15 major research programmes, implemented by widespread networks - extended partnerships - of public and private entities, on a national scale, according to the “Hub&Spoke” governance model. INFN is involved in the following Extended Partnerships:

PE-1  - FAIR – Future Artificial Intelligence Research

PE-4  - NQSTI – National Quantum Science and Technology Institute


PNRR Projects with the Ministry of Health (Ministero della Salute)

Dare (Digital Lifelong Prevention)

Anthem (Advanced technologies for human-centered medicine)