INFN, being aware that the effective pursuit of its mission also involves the improvement of its organisation and work environment, recognises as essential values respect for the dignity of people and individual freedoms, opposition to all forms of discrimination and physical and psychological violence and professional integrity.

With these codes, INFN identifies the rules of conduct necessary to ensure a work environment aimed at excellence and characterised by principles of legality, transparency and good administration, as required by current legislation (Presidential Decree no. 62 of 16 April 2013 and Law no. 190 of 6 November 2012).

For optimal achievement of the Entity's objectives - in Italy and abroad - and in the belief that the responsible sharing of ethical and conduct models, as a result of the involvement and participation of the entire community, is the most effective tool for preventing reprehensible conduct and promoting effective implementation of the values at the foundation of scientific research, the Institute requires all personnel, whether employees or associates, to fully comply with the following codes of conduct:

Code of ethics;

Code of conduct for the protection of the dignity of people who work and operate within the Entity;

Code of Conduct with regard to Anti-Corruption.



cod etico

Code of Ethics

Code pdf 

The Code regulates the rules of conduct with which the personnel of the Institute, whether employees or associates, is required to comply in carrying out their work, on the one hand, respecting human rights and individual freedoms and, on the other, in taking responsibilities and duties both at the individual level and in terms of the various elements of the community;


brochureCode of conduct for the protection of the dignity of people who work and operate within the National Institute for Nuclear Physics

Code pdf |  Explanatory brochure pdf (Italian version only)

The Code sets out provisions for the prevention of acts and conduct prejudicial to people's dignity, including harassment and sexual harassment, moral or psychological violence and, should they occur, regulates the appropriate procedures for addressing the problem with the assistance of the confidential counsellor;

Confidential counsellor: Avv. Chiara Federici;


cod anticorruzione

Code of conduct on anti-corruption of INFN personnel

Code pdf

The Code specifies the minimum duties of diligence, loyalty, impartiality and good conduct for all personnel, regardless of the responsibilities and tasks assigned, outlining the conduct guidelines concerning institutional activities, services provided and internal organisation.

INFN Person Responsible for the Prevention of Corruption, Vito Padroni, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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