immagine RECFA 2022On March the 4th, INFN hosted the first of the 2022 meetings of rECFA, the restrict European Committee for Future Accelerators coordinated by Karl Jakobs. Ten years after the meeting hosted by INFN National Laboratories in Frascati, rECFA has returned to visit Italy. During the meeting, which took place in Rome, very close to the INFN Headquarters, INFN presented to the Committee its scientific and technological research, knowledge and technology transfer activities, educational and outreach initiatives for schools and the public. 
The meeting was a precious opportunity to illustrate, in many cases through the presentations of young researchers, the multifaceted activity of our Institute, engaged not only at CERN, but also in the management and enhancement of large research infrastructures, such as the INFN National Laboratories. Composed of a representative from each CERN member and observer country, rECFA has the task, among others, of acting as a communication channel for the participating countries, the scientific community of particle physics and the national institutes and authorities. As a general task, ECFA provides support to the CERN management and Council, and to other partner institutions in the context of their activities. 
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