The Evaluation Working Group (GLV)

Set up in 2000 under the previous research evaluation structure, the GLV consists of five groups (one for each Scientific Committee) responsible for in-depth analysis of the scientific performance of each activity. Besides analysing each paper produced, on a case-by-case basis, the EWG evaluates the yearly milestones proposed for each experiment, the impact of the INFN’s participation in international experiments and the level of leadership exercised by the INFN’s workforce. The EWG reports to the IEC on its evaluation of the INFN’s “third mission” activities which include, by way of example, activities to disseminate scientific culture and the organisation of internships for secondary school students.

coordinator: Pasquale Lubrano

member: Adriana Nannini, Alessandro Montanari, Rossella Caruso, Clara Troncon, Francesco Murgia, Giuseppe Ruoso, Luca Tomassetti, Luciano Canton, Cristina Biino, Monica Pepe, Paolo Pedroni, Vito Lenti, Alessandra Retico, Walter Marcello Bonivento, Nazario Tantalo

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