WORKSHOP acceleratori 2022The first INFN National Accelerator Workshop was held in April in Milan at the headquarters of the Italian Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations (FAST). The workshop was promoted by the INFN Accelerators Committee (INFN-A) and by the INFN National Scientific Committee for technological research (CSN5), with the contribution of the National Scientific Committees for particle physics (CSN1) and for nuclear physics (CSN3). The event gathered 178 participants and saw the presentation of some 28 reports by some of the main experts in the field of accelerators. It offered the chance to discuss the biggest projects on which INFN is currently engaged: the large R&D projects for future accelerators and the basic research that is the seed for future initiatives. The two-days’ work was also the chance to reflect on future strategies, on the strengthening of the role of accelerators in technological research and fundamental physics, including discussing the enhancement of human resources, from recruitment of experts to fundings and to training young people, both at universities and INFN.
INFN, thanks to its long tradition in the field of accelerator technologies, ranks among the sector’s world leaders. Its extraordinary school must, therefore, be preserved and relaunched to ensure that new generations of physicists, engineers, and technicians can continue to grasp the opportunity to train in a scientific environment that is at the top in Europe and worldwide for particle physics. The important legacy of scientific and technological expertise gives the INFN accelerator community a special liveliness, including access to competitive public calls, as the most recent “Next Generation EU”.
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