candidatura sardegna 2018JOINT PRESS RELEASE MIUR/INFN/REGIONE SARDEGNA/UNISS_ The Autonomous Region of Sardinia applied to host the Einstein Telescope (ET), the future third-generation infermometre to study gravitational waves. The application filed by the Sos Enattos mine site is supported by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), INFN and the University of Sassari. The site, located close to Lula (Nuoro province), meets the very low seismic and antropic noise requirements necessary to build the new research infrastructure. Indeed, the future observatory is to be installed in underground galleries and the studies carried out confirmed that this site has adequate geological and urbanisation characteristics. After the success of the recent discoveries of gravitational waves, aiming at maintaining and strengthening the leading role earned thanks to the commitment of INFN’s scientific community in this field of research, Italy now focuses on the planning of a specific two-pillar strategy: strengthening Advanced VIRGO and investing in a new international infrastructure, the Einstein Telescope. The Ministry will support the application with 17 million Euro, while the Sardinia Region has already disbursed one million Euro to ensure the reopening of the Sos Enattos research laboratories.

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