A month of INFN events for schools

infn art science ceci nest pas un violon gabriella.cataldile.infn.it 0r4a8026 scaledFrom 13 to 30 May, the final national exhibition of the 2020-2022 edition of Art&Science Across Italy was held. It was hosted by the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Naples. Eight works were chosen as winners: on the podium were the finalist teams from Lecce (1st place), Bari (2nd place), and Padua (3rd place). In addition to the 70 works created by over 200 students and selected from among the more than 1,200 in competition, the national exhibition included the 12 works by INFN employees and voted on by the Art&Science students and by the readers of ScienzaPerTutti (ScienceForEveryone), as part of the “Adesso tocca a noi” (“Now it’s our turn”) competition. Also in May, the ScienzaPerTutti project announced the winners of the XVII edition of the annual competition, which this year involved more than 300 students, and launched the new online quiz game, BANG, devised to give students the chance to measure their knowledge of physics.
The 2022 ASIMOV Prize ended on 12 May with the announcement of the winning book, which, this year, was a dead heat: Agnese Collino with The 10-cent Disease and Licia Troisi with The Bold Beauty of the Cosmos equally conquered a jury of more than 12,300 students from all over Italy. From 19 to 23 May INFN was at the Turin International Book Fair with an ASIMOV Prize event and presenting, in addition to the institute’s research activities, the new edition of the INFN journal Asimmetrie and some initiatives of the INFN ScienzaPerTutti and INFN Kids projects. Also in May, the internship for students organised by OCRA – Outreach Cosmic Ray Activities, in collaboration with the INFN Frascati National Laboratories, was held. Twenty-eight students were able to follow seminars and take measurements of cosmic rays: the heart of the activity was the launch of the stratospheric balloon with the cosmic ray detector on board.
Finally, on 20 May, at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, there was the event Women scientists: Talents to be valued for a successful science concluding the school competition: “Women and research in physics: opportunities, obstacles, and challenges” promoted by INFN and CNR, partners of the European network GENERA. As well as giving prizes to the winning videos, the event was dedicated to prospects for research marked by gender equality. 
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